Helping children through separation

Separation of parents is a harsh reality that many children face during their life.

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Coping with separation

Dealing with the separation or divorce may be stressful, tense and traumatic. Most of the people, find it difficult to move on when a marriage or major relationship ends in their life.

Access to children

Separation or divorce is a very traumatizing event in one’s life and it would be more painful and heartbreaking, if your ex-spouse doesn’t allow you to see your children.

Grounds for divorce

The purpose of this section is to brief you about the grounds for divorce in England and Wales and help you decide which ground you can choose, if you’re looking to apply for divorce.

Dating After divorce

There comes a time, when meetings to find better people becomes a necessity and then we keep nothing in mind except to look for a new partner to keep the love life moving.

Children are the ones that suffer the most in an event of separation or divorce. The purpose of this website is to help the children going through the phase of separation or divorce. This website will brief the separated couples regarding the different aspects of separation and how they can handle their personal affairs themselves using the separation agreement template. Also, we will help you by sharing information on how to better manage your children and save them from developing any negative reaction and attitude. As a parent, you can help your children in coping up the stress of separation, making it a less painful event in their lives.