Co-parenting after separation Parenting is supposedly a cherishing moment for both parents. However, after separation or divorce, parenting children and taking good care of them is immensely important to save them form negative thinking and activities.  It is hard for the both parents to come on common grounds on different issues, however, when it comes to children, both parents need to think practically and should make a decision that is good for their children. Amongst these scenarios, co-parenting remains top of the list.

  • Co-parenting is only possible when both the parents work mutually and decide how to take care of children’s right and not to indulge in any arguments or conflicts in front of them. There is a huge possibility of superseding each other in the process of co-parenting. Nevertheless, need of both mother and father remains intact after they are divorced and they want to raise kids in healthy environment.
  • It is noticed and research shows that children who are suffering from divorce between their parents are mostly agitated and less confident. It is believed that children of recently divorced couples are prone to insensitivity and co-parenting can make their lives less triggering. Furthermore, conflicts and resentments need to be avoided throughout.
  • Children are the main focus on whom you both need to work for. Knowing so, you should be ready to disentangle queries which bear in the minds of your children. Moreover, you and your ex needs to taper down resentment while addressing children. Another thing which is worthwhile to mention is the need of answering. You should know that giving satisfactory answers to children will not leave them puzzled or baffled. They usually ask questions in order to know what would be changed in their lives since their parents are divorced and which things will stay same and constant.

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  • One basic rule in co-parenting emphasizes on the notion of staying calm about your ex; husband or wife. It is mandatory to put your own emotions and needs aside and work on what is benefiting for children. In the absence of your ex, it’s better not to talk against him/her. This may have negative impact on children. To avoid any negative thoughts, you should act maturely and rationally. Talking to your friends, family and neighbors about your family policy or issues may help you adopt better parenting ways.
  • For co-parenting it is a prerequisite to connect with your ex partner. Communication is one key factor to keep parenting easy. It is always advised by family counselors to talk to your ex and set how different things can be handled. If you are still in the period of grief where you don’t like to stay in touch with your ex, it is likely that your children may get affected because of miscommunication.
  • Seeking help from those who have had similar experiences in the past or religious clerics can also assist you on co-parenting. Talking to family counsellors and friends can benefit you in many ways. Being a mother or father you can join support group where people can help you out in explaining how co-parenting can be easy and less stressing.
  • Couples who have gone through the experience of co-parenting share their experiences. According to few couples who have been divorced and are co-parenting, it is all about the trick of inculcating fact that no matter with whom they live, both their parents will love them unconditionally. Emotional and physical health will be taken care of by both of the parents and not just one. In order to be more vigilant and productive, co-parenting is the best approach of dealing with children. Children who have support from both their parents are seen to grow more successful as compared to those who have conflict over custody.

 In addition to all these key factors on co-parenting, it is also imperative to integrate some basic rules in the house. Children should have liberty to talk to either parents whenever they want.  Limiting them in the early stages of divorce will not keep their emotions in harmony. They can be destructive and even frigid. Hence, co-parenting needs wise, mature and rational decisions on the basis of consensus by parents for the benefit of children. It is also meaningful to make new rules; when to meet which parent, duration of meetings, whom to approach for which problem with the consent of parents and children, both.

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