How to cope with separation?

Dealing with the separation or divorce may be stressful, tense and traumatic. Most of the people, find it difficult to move on when a marriage or major relationship ends in their life. They may feel sad, frustrated, confused, and find it hard to get out of the aftereffects. A breakup makes us feel insecure and timid. It brings a lot of uncertainty about future. All of a sudden you find yourself alone. Your children, home, routine and responsibilities are all going to change and this is where you feel helpless and insecure.

The main reason why breakups hurt so much is because it represents a loss, a loss of emotions, feelings, promises and commitments. The initial phase of relationship is mostly very lively and exciting. With all those dreams and promises you made to each other, it really hurts how it all ended up like this.

Your goal is now to get out of this event naturally. Therefore, it is always good to seek support and manage yourself to get out of the mishap as early as possible. Following are the useful tips that can help you fight depression and stress after breakup.

  • Don’t force yourself to think differently:

After breakup, there a lot of thoughts rambling in your mind, and you need to take some time to think about it. Just don’t try to suppress the thoughts rambling in your mind about the previous relationship. It is normal to stay within a box as everyone needs some time to recover. Don’t force yourself to think differently. Your feelings will fade away with time.

  • Don’t over try:

Separation or divorce may lower your productivity at work. Don’t get frustrated with yourself if you are not working at your optimal level. Uncertainty about your future may force you to over try and come up with your best, but it may not be easy for you to cope up with work stress at this point. Taking few days off from office and spending time with your friends or family may help you to return back to work with good energy. Doing regular exercise and jogging can also help you lower your stress level.

  • Allow yourself to feel the pain:

You may feel scary to allow yourself to feel the pain. There are possibilities that your emotions will be too intense to handle and you will keep thinking about it. It is good to give grieving process a time as it is important part of healing process. The pain of grief will help you get over with the stress and agony and let you to move on. No matter how much you were involved in a relationship and how strong were your griefs, you will start feeling better with time.

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  • Involve other people with you:

Spend most of your time with your friends or family. Share your story with them and let them help you get out of this by giving you suggestions. You’re not the only one that is going through such phase. There are many support groups that can help you get through this phase by sharing similar stories and giving you tips on how to get out of this. You can also interact with people that experienced a breakup in the recent past and ask them how they get back to normal.Following video can help you how to cope with divorce or separation.

  • You still have a future:

Don’t involve yourself too much with this event and don’t try to get over it quickly. After sometime, you will start feeling normal. Tell yourself that this is not the end of the world. Getting stuck with anger, sadness and frustration will not let you to move forward and can also damage your positive vibes.

  • Avoid smoking, alcohol and drugs:

You may find alcohol, drugs or smoking tempting but don’t involve yourself into drugs and alcohol. Try to stay away from these things as it may affect your health and productivity at work. Involving into these things will not allow you to heal and get back to normal life.

  • Consider starting a new relationship:

Sometimes, the effects of a breakup are so adverse that you lost all your trust and avoid starting a new relationship all over again. Spending a lot of time alone, living in darkness and thinking again and again about the previous relationship may further hurt your feelings and emotions. It is a good idea to start a new relationship after sometime. It will really help you forget about the past and let you to move forward.

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