Impact of separation on work placeImpact-of-separation-on-workplace The breakdown of a relationship can have very serious impact on workplace. You may not be able to concentrate on your work because of endless stream of emotions going through your head. You may be worried regarding your children, housing and finances, making it impossible for you to concentrate on your work.

The impact of divorce on the UK economy is significant and it is estimated that divorces are costing £46 billion to UK economy every year. According to the chambers of commerce, it is immensely important that the employees are mentally and physically fit, so they can work at their optimal level and yield maximum productivity. Any event like separation or divorce can mentally disturb the employees and it may not be possible for them to focus on the work.

The event of divorce represents a loss; a loss of feelings, emotions, commitments, promises and time you spend with each other. Emotional responses like feeling grief, angry and lost make it difficult for an employee to concentrate. Increased absenteeism, late comings, not attentive during work hours and other such behaviours are common. As employee has to meet lawyers or attend court proceedings, it becomes difficult for him/her to manage time appropriately. Also, the continuous feeling of stress, depression and anxiety makes it difficult for the employees to get up and actively took part in work related activities.

The impact of such employee’s behaviour decreases his/her performance at work. Making mistakes while working, not attending the clients properly, not answering the customer queries attentively and other such behaviours can be expected from employees going through the phase of separation or divorce. Conflicts with colleagues and other employees may also arise due to emotional instability of an employee going through divorce.

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Despite the above mention impacts, there are very few employers who’re helping and cooperating with the employees going through this phase. According to a survey conducted by the HR agency, only 10% employees are of the view that their employer gives adequate support for those going through the phase of separation or divorce. 56% of the participants said that employers should offer more support and assistance to employee during this difficult time of separation or divorce.

On the other side, it would be not easy for the employers to give employees leaves and other discounts as it may disturb the office environment. Also, legislating for these particular circumstances is difficult; however, employers can handle these matters in constructive ways. Employers can help employees by telling them about the organizations that help people to manage their separation and divorce and assists people to avoid court if they can. These organizations also know about the different alternative methods to mange work and separation side by side. Employers can also refer the employees to mediator who can help them sort out matters without going to court.

Mediation is a process in which a trained mediator helps the both parties to sort out their issues related to finances, children and other related issues. Both parties can appoint their solicitors and all meet together to come up with an understanding that is acceptable to both parties.

Employee going through the phase of separation or divorce may hesitate to tell the employer about this because of job insecurity issues. As this event can have an effect on productivity level of the whole team, it is pivotal for the employers to offer constructive and useful solutions to employees to minimize and curb the emotional damage and conflict.

It is important that the employer is aware of the problems and issues faced by the employee. Employer should listen to the employees concerns and what best employer can offer to help employee and to get him/her back to the optimal level of productivity.

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