Safety and drug Issues

Children after the separation or divorce of their parents have to follow new set of rules according to the legal requirements. These laws make sure that children are safe with their both of their parents and has no issues related to mental, physical or other.

UK law governs the notion of letting children stay and meet both their parents under one condition that both parents don’t affect and risk the child’s safety. This state of condition is solely focused upon safety of children. Letting them go to a parent who dupes or is an addict of drugs may harm children. For which, it is obligation of court not to risk children’s safety.

Ratio of addicted parents in UK:

In case of findings where father or mother, who has left house is an addict, certain laws are enforced. Year-long study reveals that 1 in 4 children live with addict parents.Nevertheless, the ratio of instability of emotions and overall performance of children varied to the dangerous level of malfunctioning in many areas of life.

Important points:

  •  Talking about addiction of other parent after divorce isn’t easy. Before you discuss the issue of using drugs or over alcohol consumption with other parent, it is important to plan how you will talk about this with your ex partner, as this may seriously offend him/her.  How to explain children about safety precautions when they want to live with an addicted parent? What to tell and what not to tell about their addicted parent? These key points are important to be discussed before letting them go to stay with a addicted father or mother.
  • Children should be taught and practiced with exercises for their protection over and again. In very few cases, addicted parent also forced their children to drink or dope with them which may have a very negative impact on child’s health. I f you have found such situation and has been reported that the other parent is forcing drugs on children, you need to call the law enforcement agencies.

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  • Another consideration for such cases include custody of children with a parent who isn’t an addict. Mostly it is observed that mothers are given the right to take care of the children. However, in a situation where a mother is an addict father can  also win the custody case.
  • Furthermore, in a substantial situation where both the parents remain high on drugs and are addicted, UK law enforces to take custody of the children. Court also gives a verdict of putting parents in a rehabilitation center and keep children safe somewhere else. Sooner the parents or either parent is treated and custody of the children can be given to him or her.
  • Judiciary also plays a significant role in handling situations and monitoring who is doing what to keep children safe.
  • Paper work needs to be done before handing children to the addicted parent.

To read more, please visit http://www.nacoa.net/pdfs/addicted.pdf

UK law can allow the children to meet the parent, who is on drugs and  limit the meeting by setting  a particular time period. Strict precautions are taken into an account. Addicted parent need to make sure steps mentioned in the court paper to prove themselves harmless. Other than that, they also have to do particular training to get fit and lead a normal life.

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